about me

I’m a:

YA writing, Coffee drinking, movie watching, show tune singing, procrastinating, happy mom & wife!

Things I like to talk about:


I was fat in high school. It made high school very hard and while I applaud those who really can embrace their curvy figures (seriously!) I could never get there. Fat felt like a prison to me. And now I’m free! So I love talking about #keto and how it changed my life!


My youngest landed a role on a National Tour at the age of 12 and my oldest is on set of a feature film as I write these words. Our family has been working on stage, film and TV for a long time and I love helping others get started safely! And avoid being scammed! There are so many scams out there! Seriously – don’t be scammed. We also love Broadway so that comes up a lot!

Books & Movies!

I write books! So please go check out Me & My Invisible Guy! I also write movies and TV shows (still plugging away at that world:-) I can’t wait to share more about the summer novel release and an upcoming dystopian. Lots of good stuff on the way!

I have a new book releasing this summer!! Stay tuned for details and meanwhile: Subscribe! to stay up to date and check out Me & My Invisible Guy!