distracted anyone?

Ha! How sad and pathetic it is to do two posts and disappear like Tom Hanks on Castaway (cool movie, with a volleyball and everything)?

I am in a phase of “I don’t think this book will ever be finished.”

I have lost count of how many rounds of edits I’ve gone through. Now, to be fair, I’ve come out of every edit thinking “Yeah! the book is stronger!” Only to turn around and have to do it again. Writing ain’t for wimps. I’m supposed to be doing a round right now.

BUT! I have seen covers!!! And this makes me crazy excited because it seems more real than ever that at the end of this journey, a book is going to arrive. (This is the same way I got through my pregnancies, only that’s a baby and all and you can’t put a baby up on a shelf and simply admire it, it requires copious amounts of attention, but a book definitely can’t smile back at you and can’t hold a candle to my kiddos but it’s still REALLY COOL…

…distracted again…


I’ll try to chime in. I’m not exactly sure anyone is actually reading…that’s a little awkward…but I’m already planning contests and prizes and other fun stuff for when the book releases.

I don’t even think I’ve shared the name anywhere!

Have a great weekend!


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