Free Keto!

The thing I love most about keto? Besides fabulous and fast weight loss (because – duh!- THAT is pretty awesome)?

Keto cost me nothing!!

I never bought a product.

Oh, there are a lot of keto products out there and if you like using them – then, go you!

But you don’t have to use them. You don’t have to buy anything extra. You don’t have to sign up for a program. You don’t have to spend money on anything except good, real food.

I’ll admit – my grocery bill is higher from keto. But my life is beyond better and totally worth the good food I buy now.

I’m in the process of simplifying my life (and boy is that probably worth a few blog posts all on their own). I went back to work full time after staying home with my kids for many wonderful years. So full-time work means I have to be super careful about what belongs in my life now.

I have been closing things down, purging my life of things that I carried around for a long time. I am getting rid of some baggage. It’s hard. So hard. But good. So good.

And as I have been “getting back to basics” I found that talking about keto – reaching out to you!! – is still super important to me. So I will keep blogging, keep raving about keto and I will try to help you as much as I can.

Because I believe in you. I know there are people out there just like me, desperate for lasting freedom from the weight.

I want you to succeed.

I want you to find freedom from the weight.

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So I’m back. Chime in with your questions. What do you want to know? How can I help?



#keto and Shame

Keto is a powerful key to losing weight. I can’t say enough how it’s transformed my life. Seven months after hitting a weight I’d never thought I’d see, I’m still happily eating #keto. I feel SO MUCH better eating this way, that I see my old way of eating as destructive and harmful. So I don’t want to go back. Keto is my way of life – not a diet.

But we have to talk about shame.

Because shame is the gremlin that’s gonna taunt you. It’s gonna tell you you’re not worth it. It will lie to you and tell you to eat junk to make yourself feel better for a few minutes. It wants you to trade momentary pleasure for long-term satisfaction. It will tell you to eat the easy, fast thing rather than cooking something good and healthy for yourself.

Shame will lie to you and say that you’re not good enough. Not strong enough. Not worth it.

Kick that gremlin to the curb.

But be warned.

It’s a pesky gremlin. It’s relentless, And it will come back in other ways. It will sneak around your brain looking for another way to keep you from reaching your full potential.

I managed to kick it in the teeth when it came to what I eat. I no longer wear my shame on the outside for all to see. It’s an amazing thing. A real victory.

But I’m still fighting it. It just finds a new weak spot. I’ll share more about that new weak spot – because fighting it often means exposing it’s lies.

#keto and losing weight – it’s a mental battle with shame. Yes, what you put in your mouth matters. But the battlefield is your own mind.

But you can win the battle; and the whole dang war. But you have to know you are in a war, before you can win a war. Let’s fight the war. Because that gremlin doesn’t have any power at all – unless you believe him.

Listen to Brene Brown talk about it.

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Easy Breezy Bacon – my #keto staple


Easy Breezy Bacon

I never cared much about bacon before #keto. And now? Hands off my bacon!

Seriously though – it’s one of my go-to staples, especially in the morning. I eat it warm, cold, whatever. It’s got that good fat to help you stay satisfied!

But I also hate popping grease and cleaning my whole stove just to make some. Then a friend posted about a recipe to make it in the oven and perfecto! Easy Breezy Bacon that’s a snap to clean up!

And now I shall share it with you so you can enjoy the yummy goodness, too.


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Easy Breezy Bacon 

Supplies: bacon, cookie sheets, tin foil, oven

Cover two cookie sheets with tin foil and lay out the raw bacon on them.

Put them inside a COLD oven (don’t preheat).

Turn on the oven to 400 degrees and set your timer for 22 minutes.

You will want to keep a close eye on them after 22 minutes so that you get them to your perfect crispiness.

My oven is 17 years old so they take about 35 minutes in my oven, and darker cookie sheets will cook faster. So if you start watching at 22 you should know how long your oven takes within the first couple times. You probaby have a newer oven than me!

I pull them out when they look perfect (to me!) and drain them on some paper towels and then usually eat one whole plate…

The Magic Pill – #keto must see TV!!

the-magic-pill- #keto

The Magic Pill


I heard a few times about The Magic Pill and I finally got a chance to sit down and watch this Netflix documentary.


Not even kidding. I was already a #keto believer before I saw this amazing documentary.

It’s on Netflix. Go watch it.

I took away so many things from it besides the benefits of I’ve already seen from going #keto.

1 – Meat is not created equal. I am now a huge believer in grass-fed, pastured beef, pork and poultry. One quick Google search and I found multiple local farms that provide grass-fed meats. I get to support local farms and eat healthy at the same time? Sign me up! Best part is the two local farmer markets have vendors which make it easy to grab fresh meat and veggies.

2 – The staggering amount of diet-related illnesses that are plaguing our nation and the flat-out wrong information the government has been handing people for generations? UGH!

3 – #keto is a true lifestyle. No different than someone saying they are vegan, or vegetarian. I am staying #keto because even though I don’t need to lose any more weight (Mind. Blown.), I continue to choose to eat this way because it is the absolute best choice for my body.

Go watch it. Chime in!


Broadway Shows We Love

We’ve been trekking to NYC for many years for Broadway, film and tv auditions and we love Broadway shows.

True story: We’ve even spent the night out on the streets of NYC in the bitter cold to get tickets to Dear Evan Hansen. Worth the hypothermia.

So in no particular order – here are a few currently running shows that we love!

Dear Evan Hansen

We saw this twice with the original cast. Which means we ugly-cried through the whole thing. Twice. Worth it. So worth it. The story and music are amazing. Ben Platt is phenomenal. He’s not in the show anymore but I bet whoever is playing Evan is awesome too.

Come From Away

I’ve seen this one twice as well and I love the music, energy and story of this one. It’s short – no intermission and just 90 minutes, but it’s a beautiful story about September 11 and the town of Gander.


Yes, it’s over-hyped. I get it But dang it’s good. We saw it and I’ve wanted to see it again ever since.


Two of my three kids have seen this and said it was “Disney magic”. I am trying to decide what organ to sell on the black market in order to see it. So far I’ve decided to keep my organs.


It’s a classic and there is a reason it has been on Broadway for fifteen years.


Another classic and is a favorite of my youngest – the one who was on a National Tour and lives and breathes Broadway. Some of her other top picks are no longer running so I will save that for another post.

What’s your favorite show?



Top Ten Benefits of #keto

Disclaimer! I am not a doctor and none of this constitutes medical advice. Just a normal person sharing an opinion. Consult medical professionals before beginning any plan!

So just yesterday a fitness person I follow posted a video “debunking the myths of keto.” In other words, saying why #keto is wrong and bad.

I didn’t watch the video but Mr. Google will help you find plenty of similar videos. I urge you to research all sides. I’m a fan of “find what works for you.” Everyone is different and every person is a unique individual. What works for me might not work for you!

That being said: #Keto worked for me! And now:  my top ten benefits to my #keto life.

1 – It was free.

I have three kids and we are on a tight budget and frankly, I couldn’t afford to do a plan that costs a bunch of money or requires me to buy special foods. I learned about #keto on Google. Friended some people who were farther along than me for advice. But it didn’t cost me anything but some time to learn. Priceless!

2 – I don’t get sick.

This one confuses me because I don’t really know why or how this is the case but I used to have pretty regular colds and at least one that turned into a hacking, coughing mess every winter. I’ve had maybe three times where I had a few sniffles, brought out the Thieves, took some Vitamin C and Zinc and it never turned into anything worse. The entire winter.

3 – My spring allergies are gone.

Like the above, I have no idea why this is the case, but spring – right before everything starts to bloom – has always meant heavy allergy attacks. This year? Maybe my eyes itched a couple times. I sneezed here and there. But that old allergy misery of early spring? Gone.

4 – My skin cleared up.

Shrug. No explanation but nice side effect! The bumps on the backs of my arms? Gone.

5 –  Bacon ( i.e. Food I like).

Seriously. I eat bacon practically every day and I lost 50 pounds and I’ve been maintaining for months. Whaaat??? I can eat bacon, cheeseburgers (without the bun), steak and pretty much any yummy meats and vegetables. I feel satisfied. Which makes it much easier to say no to the sweets that were my Achilles heel. Bacon cheeseburger, please!

6 – I don’t have to prepare multiple meals for a family.

I just skip any breads or starches I include for others but as time goes on, my kids don’t miss the starches so I rarely even make them unless requested. The rest of the meal is the same. Easy Peasy!

7 – I keep my coffee

I still drink my coffee the way I like it. Any eating plan that tries to take my coffee away would have to pry it from my cold, dead hands. I kept my coffee and #keto. Happy Sarah.

8 – More energy

Yep, I don’t need a nap every day like I used to. I still will have nights here and there where my brain doesn’t let me sleep or the full moon messes with me (anyone else) – those days I might nap. But that’s so rare now. Brain fog? Gone.

9 – I did not exercise and I STILL lost 50 pounds.

I am just not good at exercise. I have good intentions. But I’m bad at follow through. I tried to like running, yoga, etc, etc. I don’t keep it up. So any plan that requires me to change my food AND exercise is an even greater challenge. I lost over 50 pounds and my exercise attempts were practically non-existent. Phew.

10 – I lost 50 pounds with #keto

No other diet or anything I tried gave me the results of #keto – along with all of the above things. I wear a “small” now. I never thought that was even possible. I still look in the mirror and wonder who that girl is.

So the debunkers can keep debunking all they want and I just shrug and look in the mirror and see how far I’ve come. At the end of the day, I needed a plan, a lifestyle, that I could live with. I can live #keto and not have FOMO. That’s a good deal for me:-)



I Wanna Be on the Disney Channel!

Let’s face it, the Disney Channel has a lot of fresh-faced stars and most girls have wanted to be on a Disney Channel show.

We even hear about “new faces” plucked from obscurity!

Take Kim Possible for example. This casting search was pretty wide and Sadie Stanley landed the role in “her first audition ever”.

It does happen. But it’s very rare. But that doesn’t stop scores of girls from dreaming of Disney. From wanting to audition for a show. It’s easier to just go to Disney World:-)

But scammers know that the name “Disney” means something and they frequently use that name to scam scores of young hopefuls into forking over thousands of dollars for the “chance” to “be on the Disney channel”.

Don’t fall for it.

Disney does hold open calls all over the country. They are constantly on the lookout for talent. But there is NEVER, and I mean NEVER, a cost to real Disney open calls.

Open Call Disney Channel will update details of when and where their official open calls will be held. They only do a few a year but keep your eye on that page for a real chance to audition for Disney

Anyone else is just looking to make money off of you. Don’t let them!