Broadway Shows We Love

We’ve been trekking to NYC for many years for Broadway, film and tv auditions and we love Broadway shows.

True story: We’ve even spent the night out on the streets of NYC in the bitter cold to get tickets to Dear Evan Hansen. Worth the hypothermia.

So in no particular order – here are a few currently running shows that we love!

Dear Evan Hansen

We saw this twice with the original cast. Which means we ugly-cried through the whole thing. Twice. Worth it. So worth it. The story and music are amazing. Ben Platt is phenomenal. He’s not in the show anymore but I bet whoever is playing Evan is awesome too.

Come From Away

I’ve seen this one twice as well and I love the music, energy and story of this one. It’s short – no intermission and just 90 minutes, but it’s a beautiful story about September 11 and the town of Gander.


Yes, it’s over-hyped. I get it But dang it’s good. We saw it and I’ve wanted to see it again ever since.


Two of my three kids have seen this and said it was “Disney magic”. I am trying to decide what organ to sell on the black market in order to see it. So far I’ve decided to keep my organs.


It’s a classic and there is a reason it has been on Broadway for fifteen years.


Another classic and is a favorite of my youngest – the one who was on a National Tour and lives and breathes Broadway. Some of her other top picks are no longer running so I will save that for another post.

What’s your favorite show?



I Wanna Be on the Disney Channel!

Let’s face it, the Disney Channel has a lot of fresh-faced stars and most girls have wanted to be on a Disney Channel show.

We even hear about “new faces” plucked from obscurity!

Take Kim Possible for example. This casting search was pretty wide and Sadie Stanley landed the role in “her first audition ever”.

It does happen. But it’s very rare. But that doesn’t stop scores of girls from dreaming of Disney. From wanting to audition for a show. It’s easier to just go to Disney World:-)

But scammers know that the name “Disney” means something and they frequently use that name to scam scores of young hopefuls into forking over thousands of dollars for the “chance” to “be on the Disney channel”.

Don’t fall for it.

Disney does hold open calls all over the country. They are constantly on the lookout for talent. But there is NEVER, and I mean NEVER, a cost to real Disney open calls.

Open Call Disney Channel will update details of when and where their official open calls will be held. They only do a few a year but keep your eye on that page for a real chance to audition for Disney

Anyone else is just looking to make money off of you. Don’t let them!