scbwi, eating on the floor, and a cool meeting

I don’t bring up the fact that I’m an author in everyday conversation. The other day, I was sitting at my daughter’s new dance class, and the women next to me began a conversation.

She was knitting. This made me immediately feel like we would have nothing in common (other than the dancing daughters a few feet away). I tried knitting once. I’m just not that kind of person. (My apologies to all you knitters…)

It took her four questions to find out that yes, I’m a writer, and wow, my book will be published. Then, wait for it, she wants to write a book, too! Yes, this is what happens in nearly every conversation, because everyone believes they have a book in them that they want to write (the statistics bear this out). I don’t mind this – but what usually happens is they start digging for information that would take days for me to answer. And the dance class is only an hour:-)

So it was delightfully fun to go to an SCBWI Conference this past weekend. If you want to write for teens, tweens or little kids, then the Society of Children’s Book Writers & Illustrators is a must-join organization. It was a great conference. I walked away feeling like a writer again (which I sometimes forget about in the midst of laundry, cooking and chauffeuring my kids all over the place). I ate lunch on the floor with several picture-book writers. I don’t write picture books (I have a hard time writing short things) but it was fun to see what they liked about it.

And I met with an editor who wants to see more of my new book.

the book I should be writing right now…

yeah, I should go do that..



Yeah for Contemporary YA!

Found a great article this morning that gives me – a writer of contemporary YA – reason to be giddy! I love this genre. I don’t write about creatures or invented worlds. My stories are set in places that could be just down the road from you.

I had an agent tell me that “I really enjoyed your writing, but I’m afraid that I wasn’t sure in the end how I would help this stand out in the big splashy way contemporary YA is having to these days.”

Sigh.I don’t think I’ll ever be a “splashy” writer. But in the end it didn’t matter because I found an editor who loved the story and I just signed the contract this week – so my brand -new, maybe not-so-splashy book will still be published. So I appreciated the insight of this article and thought I’d pass it on to you –

Advocating for Contemporary YA Lit

Knock, Knock! Am I too early?

I haven’t even signed my YA book contract and I’m already playing around with themes and blogs and designs. Actually, I’m pretty sure I should be working on the book right now, but whatever. This is fun!

Here’s the first thing to know about me – I’ve always been early. Not cr-azy early, but I prefer to be 15 minutes early rather than 15 minutes late – all the time. So I’m arriving to the publishing party a little early, I think, since my book isn’t releasing until

spring 2013

sigh. That sounds like forever! The world could end before then (I hear a rumor that it’s ending next month so I guess we’ll see.)

But since I’m signing the contract and all I figured it couldn’t actually hurt to start a little blog and document the journey. From here to there. From confusing contract on my computer to an actual book in my hands. It’s like pregnancy – only longer. (So glad pregnancy wasn’t that long. I would have died. seriously)

So the next step is to see if anyone is going on the journey with me? Anyone?

And if anyone has a YA novel releasing – gulp, spring 2013 – say hi! We’re all in this together! (okay, now that I’ve used a High School Musical reference I will bow my head in shame and say good-bye till the next time – but in my defense – the first HSM was the best of the three, just sayin’.)