Teachers and Keto

Well, looky there. It’s been a while. Why? ‘Cause teaching is kicking my butt ya’ll.

And can I tell you? Schools are basically run on carbs. Carbs everywhere! I can’t eat or participate in 95% of the food offered at school. “Free donuts in the teacher’s lounge!” Carb focused meals for every event.

And then there is this:


keto challenge

Why do schools think throwing candy on the table for EVERY SINGLE MEETING makes everything better? I don’t know ya’ll. But I know this. If I had not been invested into keto for a whole year before I started teaching, I’d have gained twenty pounds this year.

It’s SO EASY to eat mindlessly. To pop food in your mouth. That’s what changed for me when I did keto. I thought about what I was eating, and the compulsion to eat went away.

So if you’re a teacher, give keto a try during the summer so you can create new habits away from that carb-toxic environment!

Got questions? Hit me up!